More Genealogy to Share

Genealogy to Share

O yes we have lots of kin on Facebook.  Some I am aware of how we connect some are farther down the tree and I am not sure of the descendancy.   It seems we are in almost if not every state including Alaska and Hawaii. 

So if your on Facebook. I would love to hear if you know of your descendancy down to yourself from your ancestors.   

Glad to hear that the adopted ones were able to find clues and find family.  I have a grandson whose, Dad was adopted and we are looking into clues to find kin for medical reasons. I do not think anyone should be allowed to not have their medical knowledge.  So hoping some of you Pentico's will post your Grandparents and Great Grandparents names down to yourself in a reply so we can bring the book back up to date.

Thanks and Howdy family.

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